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1.Measure equal parts sand and vermiculite or perlite  
2.Mix together with sufficient water to make moist but not sopping wet  
3.Place in individual plant pots or in a propagation tray and firm slightly  
4.Take a short non-flowering stem preferably with new growth and making sure plant material has no noticeable faults.  Snip off just below third pair of leaves prop1.JPG (13602 bytes)
5.Strip off two pairs of leaves being careful not to break stem (use scissors if necessary) prop2.JPG (15150 bytes)
6.Dib a hole into the sand/vermiculite mixture and place cutting in.  Firm lightly around cutting prop3.JPG (16423 bytes)
7.In 10 days or so the cutting will have formed roots.  Remove from mixture making sure you do not break off any new roots  prop4.JPG (31471 bytes)
8.Place rooted cutting into compost in seed tray or plant pots.   
9.Nip out growing tip from cutting after it has settled into the compost (about two to three days) to encourage the cutting to bush out prop5.JPG (10043 bytes)
10.In two to three weeks time the cutting has started to bush out prop6.JPG (18275 bytes)
11.Pot on when cutting roots are showing through cell.  It is not necessary to put several plants in one pot.  Here a large pot has been used.  I use 4 inch square pots initially before planting out in the garden or placing in a container. prop7.JPG (26863 bytes)
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