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Our front garden was a typical lawn with a few conifers dotted around the edges.  There was a further expanse of garden at the far side of the garage too, but it adjoined our neighbours property without any boundary fencing or hedge.  There were a few plants in the front, a Philadelphus a couple of Hebes and daffodils.  It was very 'bitty' and boring.

The back garden rises slightly upwards from the house and in 1995 when we arrived was mainly laid to lawn and comprised two separate areas. The area directly surrounding the house and an area of equal size, that had formerly been part of the common elements of the estate where it was used by riders as a bridle path.  A two year old laurel hedge separated them.

The area closest to the house had an unclipped 10 foot high privet hedge belonging to the neighbours, a forty five year-old pine tree, some dreaded leylandii and a trench containing various heathers.  There were a few shrubs - a hydrangea, a lilac, a shrubby potentilla, a cornus and a Kilmarnock willow - dotted around the lawns in little round holes.  A short path went about 30 feet into the garden to a concrete washing line post.

The area further back was all lawn thick with moss and a hawthorn hedge.  This Harry named 'the back 40' because it took ages to mow.  The only significant things in it were a pollarded horse chestnut tree, a garden shed and a dump where the lawn clippings had been thrown.

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