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Winter can be a very difficult time for many plants here in the UK.  The very short days (it gets dark by 3pm in December and January) and cold winters are not good growing conditions for many plants, and diascias are no exception.  Uncertainty about their hardiness, coupled with their "seedless" habit in UK gardens has discouraged gardeners from growing them as perennials.

Although a number of the species are tender in the UK climate, a few are quite hardy.  Diascia integerrima, Diascia fetcaniensis and Diascia barberae are examples of the most hardy.  But the rest should be regarded as short-lived perennials at best.

Diascia 'Ruby Field' has proved hardy in many parts of the UK, and several of Hector Harrison's cultivars have also stood the test of time.  Some of those that I am able to over-winter in Northumberland include: Diascia 'Appleby Apricot'; Diascia 'Andrew' and Diascia 'Ice Cracker'.

We find that it is essential to propagate the plants from cuttings in order to keep them from year to year. Vegetative cuttings can be taken from late February to late September with a good success rate.  See propagation section for more details.

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