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Back garden as it was in 1995 when we arrived in Acklington



One of the first things we did was to take up the chequerboard paving slabs, re-lay them and create a small patio area with a gravel/herb area Spring 1996

New border  


Then we started on the larger area of garden, marking out and starting decent sized perennial borders in early Summer 1996

New border2


By August the borders were in full bloom - with diascias of course.  This picture taken showing the chief turf digger and his mate, Buddy



No garden is complete without a pond.  With my love of frogs it was essential.  Digging began in 1996

  Filling up 


Here I am filling the pond.  It was an exciting moment after breaking up huge chunks of solid sandstone!



Pond finished but not yet edged.  I put down some of the grass sod wondering if that would look better, but decided to put stone edging in, in the end.



Edging was not completed until early spring 1997.  I had to look at it in its incomplete state all winter, and I'm not a patient person.

Pond plants 


I ordered a group of pond plants and oxygenators.  In they went by April 1997

one year on


Pond looking good one year later (1998)

Water Lily 


Water lily finally blooms in August 1998.  I was thrilled.  I don't know its name.

Hampton Court


By late 1997 we had been asked if we would take our diascias to the Hampton Court Flower Show by the NCCPG.  It was a big decision, but we decided to tackle it.  Here is our stand in the Plant Heritage tent sandwiched between Angel Pelargoniums and Clematis



We decided to extend the path to the second garden area in October 2000



The blue & yellow border at its best in May

Dry shade


The dry shade border in late March



White foxgloves appeared from nowhere.

Storm damage


Winter 1998/99 will never be forgotten.  We lost the Eucalyptus that had been here since our arrival.  It has since been hauled back into place but was chopped in half.  It has bushed out, so a happy ending.

Storm damage2


And as if that wasn't enough, a second gale brought down half the Pine tree within inches of the new greenhouse in February 1999

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