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Despite their recent arrival into Britain, amazing corruptions of species names had already occurred.   We obtained a plant with a name of Diascia nastopsin.  It turned out to be D. personata.

We found Diascia nigerrima.  It was later identified as Diascia integerrima.  Another plant came into my possession called Diascia 'Salmon Leap'.  It turned out to be an Alonsoa!  

But two of the worst labeling problems of all are with D. cordata and D. fetcaniensis.  Commercial nurseries are still propagating and selling D. elegans.  That is an invalid name.  It is thought to have arisen when Hilliard and Burtt gave this name temporarily to a form of D. vigilis but that name was later withdrawn as invalid.  Plant material had meanwhile escaped and the name still crops up.  

Complicating things still more, the plants awarded this invalid name nowadays are usually Diascia fetcaniensis and not Diascia vigilis at all! 

And there is an on-going issue over Diascia cordata.  I have obtained countless plants so labeled, yet every time I tried to match the material to illustrations and text of the botanical study, the plants we had were inconsistent with the description.  Most turned out to be D. barberae.  And all of these errors have happened in such a short space of time.  If you have any doubts about the true name of the plant material you have, please contact me and I will try to help.  It helps if you send me a picture (jpeg only) of the flower and foliage of the plant you have.

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