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We (Harry, my husband, Buddy, our dog and I) came to Acklington, Northumberland in 1995. Northumberland is the English county directly south of Scotland on the eastern side of England for any visitors not familiar with British geography.  Acklington is about three or four miles from the sea as the crow flies and our closest shopping facilities are in Amble.  Because we are close to the sea, it is milder here than the latitude would imply.  

Acklington is a very quiet village consisting of a group of stone built cottages, some modern stone fronted bungalows, our estate called locally 'the married quarters' because the homes used to be RAF married quarters (and was one of the sites from which the squadrons flew for the Battle of Britain), a church, a railway station, a school, a pub and a 'mart' where the farmers auction their livestock each week.  Not much happens in Acklington.

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