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Pests and Diseases


Although the genus is relatively disease free, plants have a tendency to succumb to botrytis in the winter months when kept in a cold frame or greenhouse.  We use fungicides to deter it, but it is difficult to control once it takes hold.  If you have a plant showing signs of it and you don't want to lose the plant, take cuttings immediately.


Our collection has suffered occasional attacks by greenfly, slugs, snails and caterpillars.  The greenfly tend to attack ailing plants before they will tackle healthy ones in our experience.  Slugs and snails don't particularly like them.

Some enthusiasts report that slugs and snails will eat anything else before tackling the pungent D. patens leaves.  This has led us to wonder whether diascia foliage could provide the industry with a natural deterrent for this common garden pest.  Stranger things have happened.


We had trouble with rabbits a few years ago.  This pesky bunny kept coming back again and again but he sought out the flower buds rather then the foliage.  I ended up with a lot of very healthy green mounds until he departed our company.  Other than that, we have no experience of other creatures being partial to the taste of them.

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