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They should be propagated from vegetative cuttings.  They will propagate this way with ease from any leaf axil in damp sand mixed with vermiculite within 10 to 20 days, depending on the time of year. Once white roots have formed they can be potted on. Rooted cuttings, raised in August, will over winter well in the shelter of an unheated cold frame.  Click HERE for illustrated guide on propagation.

The species can be propagated from seed, but they rarely set seed here in the UK.  When they do, seed can be collected and sown. Seeds should be sown on top of the compost or other medium for best results. They do not germinate quickly or easily, but if you are fortunate, the seedlings can be potted on and grown.  The resulting plants will not be pure species however and will be less than uniform in character.

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