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By late 1998 a new larger greenhouse replaced the 6x8ft aluminium one, after the trip to the Hampton Court Flower Show with the diascias, and in the summer of 1999 the garden path was re-established to wind to the central arch to the back of the garden. though the arches we once had are now enveloped within the laurel hedge.

In 2000 it was time to re-organise the bitty front gardens.  They had been put there with no real purpose by previous owners, so made a paper plan, and set about digging out more and more lawn in the spring.  We paved the area close to the house and brought the new half moon shaped perennial bed forwards, meaning I could work on it from the back and the front.  In the Autumn of 2000 we used the paving flags that had been removed when we did the front garden to create a path to the shed in the 'Back 40'.  It is interesting how this path has made such a huge difference to a once boring piece of lawn.

Plans now exist for development of the back area of the garden to accommodate some permanent diascia display beds in the year 2001 along with a clematis arch near the shed, and further trellis to accommodate my sweet peas.

Latest update 06 March 2001

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